Giberillic Acid

> Aquatic Plants Digest Friday, 17 May 1996 Volume 02 : Number 077
> From: Mary Bagley <mbagley at choate_edu>
> I'm researching enzymes and phosphates and their affect on plant 
> growth and was wondering if you could give me any info. My address is     
> ycleary at choate_edu

I had read an article about the spectacular results inducing flowering
in Cryptocorynes with giberillic acid in "The Aquatic Gardener"
which is published by the Aquatic Gardeners Association.

When I inquired about giberillic acid at a local hydroponics shop here
in Vancouver, Canada, they told me that it was restricted. I supposed
that it would be useful to marijuana growers to induce flowering and
increase potency in their crops but thought that this was rather
unfair of our government to restrict an item which might have many
other legitimate applications.

Is there another reason why this stuff is restricted? Perhaps it's
highly carcinogenic or toxic? Is it also restricted in the US and
other countries overseas? Can one obtain a license to use it for
academic purposes as the authors of the TAG article had done? Are
there other less potent derivatives which can be used legitimately?

Thanks for any info.

Steve Pushak     spush at hcsd_hac.com    Vancouver BC, CANADA