Re: Subject: Vermiculite/soil mix & PH problems?

>From: The Mermaid <jfredian at pepperdine_edu>
>        I posted this to rafp, but this might get a faster answer ...
>        I'm using the vermiculite/soil & small grain gravel mixture
>        as substrate on my 40g tank.  I was finally able to get
>        a high range PH test kit last night, and upon testing the
>        water, the PH of the tank was WAY above what my tap water
>        and my 10g tank are.  The 10g and tap water both read the
>        same, at around 7.5 ... my 40g reads ~8.0 (purplish in
>        color, as opposed to orangish).
>        I haven't had a chance to test the soil alone yet (being
>        as I pull 100+ hours/week, I'm not home much), but I'm
>        wondering if anyone else has had any problems with this
>        mixture and their PH levels.
>        Thanks!
>                        -- The Mermaid

Pepperdine, huh? I live a few miles away in Ventura County and noticed the
same thing with a vermiculite/soil 29g and local water when I started my
tank. I used the black adobe in my back yard for the soil - but i've never
tested it for pH. I have since started DIY CO2 and the tank is 4 months old
but I have not checked pH recently. However the fish are happy and the
plants are now requiring regular thinning.