Terralit and pH

>From: RTalukdar at mail_utexas.edu (Roni Talukdar)
>Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 08:44:57 -0500

>I don't think driftwood would raise your pH.  do you have any of that
>Terralit fertilizer?  I think another discus keeper mentioned that it raised
>the pH in her tank.

Roni, I have Terralit in my gravel and it definately does not raise the pH.
I test my pH all the time and it is generally low if anything rather than
high. I add Calcium Carbonate and Baking Soda to raise my pH. Terralit is
supposed to be in an undisturbed layer under a couple of inches of gravel.
Maybe if it is on the surface it would make a difference but I doubt it. I
know several people here who use it with no changes noted in pH.

in sunny Vancouver