Plant ID

Subject: Re: Plant identification

Shing Lam wrote:
> > There are two that I couldn't identify from the books I have. 
> > was sold to me as Dragon plant. The leaves are shaped and colo
> > Java Fern (sometimes I mistake the two), but the undersides ar
> > purple, much like the color of red cabbage.  So far, they grow
> > leaf per stem.
> It could be Barclaya longifolia. Riehl and Baensch should have p

Only if it has a good sized round corm attached to the bottom of 
the rosette.  Also, the edges of the leaves are ruffled.
> Arrowhead is the common name of Sagittaria spp. The emerse leave
> different shape from the submerse leaves.  They range from spoon
> to "arrowhead" shape" (thus the common name).

You are right that emersed Sag are often arrow shaped, and that 
"Arrowhead" is also a common name for that plant.  But as far as I 
know, there is no green and white cultivar of Sagitaria available. 

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA