Vermiculite/soil mix & PH problems?

	I posted this to rafp, but this might get a faster answer ...

	I'm using the vermiculite/soil & small grain gravel mixture 
	as substrate on my 40g tank.  I was finally able to get
	a high range PH test kit last night, and upon testing the
	water, the PH of the tank was WAY above what my tap water
	and my 10g tank are.  The 10g and tap water both read the
	same, at around 7.5 ... my 40g reads ~8.0 (purplish in
	color, as opposed to orangish).

	I haven't had a chance to test the soil alone yet (being
	as I pull 100+ hours/week, I'm not home much), but I'm
	wondering if anyone else has had any problems with this
	mixture and their PH levels.  


			-- The Mermaid