Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #75

          Don't go to chemical warfare yet. It sounds like something
          is in short supply in your tank. You don't mention CO2. I
          would suggest that you add a DIY CO2 generator to the set up
          and see if your plants respond. You are not that far from
          'Albany Aquarium' in Albany, Ca. (Would make a good Saturday
          drive). They stock SAEs - Simamese Algea Eaters. They are
          probably the best algea control fish going. Start with six
          to eight of them for this serious of a problem. You can move
          some to other tanks later.

From: shawn <ksschafer at ucdavis_edu>
Date: Wed, 15 May 1996 19:57:03 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Beard Algae

        My tank has been taken over by beard algae.  I have been trying to
find some flying foxes here in Sacramento to help with the problem but noone
seems to have them or be able to get them.

55 gal Tank built in filter
     Is there a high surface agitation? You may be losing CO2.

        76 deg F
        1 50/50 coralife actinic bulb  40wt
        1 coralife full acticnic bulb  40wt
        1 GE Plant/aquarium bulb  40wt
        1 Vitalight twist  40 wt

3 med large Angel fish
1 redtailed black shark
2 small Angels
3 or 4 otos
     These fish do not handle some algea control chemicals well

2 gold algae eaters
     Good algea control when young. But marginal when adults.

6 danios (spawning continuously)
     Excess eggs/sperm can be contributing to the problem. 

1 Pictus cat

Water changes anywhere from 25% to 50% once a week not disturbing much of
the gravel at the bottom.
     Might try going to 10% daily/every other day for a while.


Shawn Knell
ksschafer at ucdavis_edu
            Hope this helps,
                    Doug Underwood

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