Re: Beard Algae

> From: shawn <ksschafer at ucdavis_edu>
>         My tank has been taken over by beard algae.
> The plan right now is to pull all the plants (Amazon
> sword, Sag., dwarf sag. and some Java moss) dip them in bleach and farm them
> out top other smaller tanks while the 55 gal is undergoing chemical
> treatment to kill the algae.

I'd postpone the bleach treatment until you have the 55 gal ready for
the plants to go back in. Don't bother putting algicide in the tank
if you're removing all the plants (and fish). Just empty the tank,
clean it and all the pieces that go in the tank with 100% bleach.
Buy clean gravel or bleach the old stuff & wash it well. While you've
got the tank down, throw in a layer of top-soil mix! and then cover with
an inch of gravel. Restore CO2 and Fe supplements and then bleach the
plants in 5% bleach diluted with 95% water for about 3 minutes. Please
re-read the FAQ section on this; some plants are hardier than others.