Re: Driftwood and pH

>Could a piece of driftwood in my 135 gallon tank be buffer my pH at
>does (Utah).  I got the hardness down from over 30 ppm to about 6-7
>ppm by diluting the tap with RO water.  The pH of the tap is 7.6
>and when mixed with RO it remains at 7.6.

Since your water is already at a pH of 7.6, it seems to me that the
driftwood is not having any effect.

>1-  not nearly enough co2 is being dissovled in the tank, so increase
>the amount bubbled in the return line  (an idea I don't like because my
>tank houses 4
>almost full grown discus who at last if I remember breath oxygen and
>not carbon dioxide), or hook up in my tank the ugly co2 diffuser
>that came with my sandpoint co2 tank to try and diffuse more of the
>gas that is being let out. (those of you who have one know
>what a big green ugly monster it is, not to mention you have to hook
>up a powerhead to it)

Bubbling means the CO2 is simply leaving your tank. Dissolved CO2 would not
bubble. So you do need a reactor. But you can make one of your own. See any
of the simple designs in the FAQ. You'll find them through the Krib Web
site. Mainly they consist of nothing more than an upright tube capped at
both ends. The CO2 is fed through the bottom and water is dripped down the
top or flows through holes in the side of the bottom half (the bottom half
because gas rises and holes in the top half would let the CO2 "bubble"

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