Beard Algae

        My tank has been taken over by beard algae.  I have been trying to
find some flying foxes here in Sacramento to help with the problem but noone
seems to have them or be able to get them.  Someone sugested gold agae
eaters ( same as a chinese algae eater?) so I brought a couple of tehm home
tonight.  After I noticed teh algae I tried the Kent Freshwater plant
supplement, wich seemed to be about the same as the PMDD.  I haven't noticed
a difference in the plant growth nor have I seen a reduction in alage
growth.  I am at wits end here and am considering something drastic,
chemical warfare.  The plan right now is to pull all the plants (Amazon
sword, Sag., dwarf sag. and some Java moss) dip them in bleach and farm them
out top other smaller tanks while the 55 gal is undergoing chemical
treatment to kill the algae.  I hate to do this but unless someone out there
suggest something that will work I feel I have no other choice.  If I am
going to carry out this plan I would like to know what kind of bleach/water
mix I should use on the plants and for how long.

55 gal Tank built in filter
        76 deg F
        1 50/50 coralife actinic bulb  40wt
        1 coralife full acticnic bulb  40wt
        1 GE Plant/aquarium bulb  40wt
        1 Vitalight twist  40 wt

3 med large Angel fish
1 redtailed black shark
2 small Angels
3 or 4 otos
2 gold algae eaters
6 danios (spawning continuously)
1 Pictus cat

Water changes anywhere from 25% to 50% once a week not disturbing much of
the gravel at the bottom.


Shawn Knell
ksschafer at ucdavis_edu