> Hello...  Could someone give some advice on how to get my LILLAE
> to grow.  I have a 55 gal tank DIY CO2, 160 watts of flourescent
> lights.  PH 6.5 TO 6.8 MEDIUM HARD WATER.  All my other assorted
> plant are growing thickly but my LILLAEOPSIS hasn't done any thi
> but sit there the last 5-months that I've had them.  Any help wi
> appreciated.  Thank you  Mike Bernardoni   mikeb at pso_siu.edu  

You seem to have adequate light, and you are supplementing CO2.  
So it seems it's either a question of trace elements or substrate. 
Lillaeopsis likes a fine substrate because of its fine root 
system. (I use #1 aquarium gravel)  It also does better with  
laterite or soil in the substrate.  I would hope that with good 
lighting and supplemental CO2 you are also supplementing regularly 
with a good trace element mix.  If not, it's time to start now.

Finally, although you have plenty of light at the surface, make 
sure that it is reaching the bottom.  A 55G tank is narrow from 
back to front, and if you have many plants shading the surface, 
you may still not be getting much light down to the bottom.  

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA