Mike Bernardoni writes...
>Hello...  Could someone give some advice on how to get my LILLAEOPSIS 
>to grow.  I have a 55 gal tank DIY CO2, 160 watts of flourescent 
>lights.  PH 6.5 TO 6.8 MEDIUM HARD WATER.  All my other assorted     
>plant are growing thickly but my LILLAEOPSIS hasn't done any thing 
>but sit there the last 5-months that I've had them.  Any help will be 
>appreciated.  Thank you  Mike Bernardoni   mikeb at pso_siu.edu  

Unless it's plastic, it should grow. The water may be too hard,
other plants may be shading it, or the gravel may be too course.
Mine grows well with just a twin fluorescent, CO2, and washed sand.
It does like nitrate.

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