Re: Lillaeopsis

Alok wrote:
> Mike Bernardoni wrote:
> > Could someone give some advice on how to get my LILLAEOPSIS 
> > to grow.  I have a 55 gal tank DIY CO2, 160 watts of flourescent 
> > lights.  PH 6.5 TO 6.8 MEDIUM HARD WATER.  All my other assorted     
> > plant are growing thickly but my LILLAEOPSIS hasn't done any thing 
> 	How big is your gravel right at the surface? Lileopsis grows in 
> the first 1/2" of gravel and I would guess that if it is too big, it 
> won't spread. I have some in a tank with 1/8" gravel and it is growing 
> fine.

Lillaeopsis will grow up to 1" below the surface of the gravel 
especially if there is a layer of soil there. You can often see
the roots growing along the glass at the side of the aquarium.
It sounds like there is enough light in Mike's aquarium; possibly
there is a shortage of another nutrient. Are you using PMDDs Mike?
It would be best to use a coarse sand or fine gravel (1-3 mm) on
the surface of your substrate as Alok suggested.

How long has it been growing? It takes a little while to start
spreading but soon runners will be appearing all over the tank.
It might be good to unravel the original clump and spread it out.
Thread algae can be a problem since it's a little difficult to
untangle from the fine leaves so you can pull up a long segment
of the plant, clean it and replant it in a bunch. That way it has
room to propagate but you get it into a more attractive grouping
later that is better able to compete with algae.

Steve in Vancouver BC