Re: Plant identification

> From: CHRISTEL at gov_nb.ca
> Date: Wed, 15 May 1996 09:01 -0400
> There are two that I couldn't identify from the books I have.  One of them
> was sold to me as Dragon plant.  The leaves are shaped and colored just like
> Java Fern (sometimes I mistake the two), but the undersides are bright
> purple, much like the color of red cabbage.  So far, they grow with only one
> leaf per stem.

This plant sounds very similar to a couple of plants I bought recently on a
club trip.  These were two types of stem plant I had never seen before, and at
NZ$1.50 a pop I thought I'd give them a go.  Both had been grown emersed.

The first one is called Hemigraphis colorata.  Total height of the plant I
have is about 20cm.  The leaf shape is similar to that of emersed Hygro
difformis (slightly serrated edges), only larger and more elongated (the
leaves are about 8cm long and 5cm wide).  Top side of the leaves is green, the
underside is the bright purple colour you describe.  Leaves come out of the
stem in pairs, and the plant I have is not branched at all.

The second plant is another species of Hemigraphis.  This one is finer
overall.  The stems are thinner, although branching.  The leaves are much
thinner, about 1cm wide, and the serration is more of a wave.  Both the green
and the purple colouring is much darker.

When I got home I looked though my books and only found a brief mention in
Rataj.  A few days ago I was lent a copy of Dennerle's book and found
pictures/descriptions of both plants.  Apparently these are not true aquatic
plants but will survive immersion for up to 12 months.  Oh well, maybe I'll
pull them out and grow them emmersed in our newt tank along with the

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