Emersed vs. Immersed Echinodorus

     Here's another interesting "emersed vs. immmersed" story.
     I got something from Darin Gasperson at Aquatic Greenhouse in Florida, 
     which he "thought might be" Echinodorus harbichi (or perhaps it was 
     harbichii--his handwriting wasn't quite clear).  I haven't seen 
     anything quite like it before.  Light, almost pastel green, broad 
     leaves about 12 x 8 cm on 8 cm petioles.  The Dennerle book shows 
     something called E. cordifolius HARBICH, but this didn't look exactly 
     like that, or like any cordifolius I've seen...the leaves weren't 
     cordate.  But it was a pretty and robust plant, so in it went.  It 
     immediately reverted to a deep red E.osiris.  Unfortunately I already 
     have one exactly like it in there already...
     Bob_Hoesch at mail_fws.gov