Re: Grounding Electrode

>> A good choice would be a graphite rod. The center post out of a "D" cell
>> battery might work OK (assuming that it can be cleansed of the battery
>> electrolyte). I don't know if graphite rods are still used in high
>> intensity carbon arc lamps. Graphite is often used as an electrode in
>> chemical processes, perhaps it is available industrially.
>A word: pencils.
>Most pencils use graphite instead of lead- another childhood myth
>exploded.  You might try splitting one open and using that, but I doubt
>most metals will hurt your setup as long as you do periodic water changes.
>Good luck!
>- -NL

A pencil lead is a mixture of graphite powder and materials that bind the
powder together. As the diameter is small and pencil leads are fragile, I
would prefer aomething that is more mechanically robust.

Here in the U.S. we have the Thomas Register, a 3 foot or so wide set of
books listing manufactured items. If you want to fined out who
manufacturers graphite rods, just look under graphite. It's an invaluable
resource for DIY.