Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #71

> Hello...  Could someone give some advice on how to get my LILLAEOPSIS 
> to grow.  I have a 55 gal tank DIY CO2, 160 watts of flourescent 
> lights.  PH 6.5 TO 6.8 MEDIUM HARD WATER.  All my other assorted     
> plant are growing thickly but my LILLAEOPSIS hasn't done any thing 
> but sit there the last 5-months that I've had them.  Any help will be 
> appreciated.  Thank you  Mike Bernardoni   mikeb at pso_siu.edu  

	How big is your gravel right at the surface? Lileopsis grows in 
the first 1/2" of gravel and I would guess that if it is too big, it 
won't spread. I have some in a tank with 1/8" gravel and it is growing 
fine. My water is very soft and pH about the same as yours. For a while, 
the lileopsis didn't look like it was growing in my tank either but then 
all of the sudden blades started showing up at a distance from the 
original clump, like about 1 inch.