RE: Ph Probe Remedies

From: Andrew Hamilton <andrewha at tafe_sa.edu.au>
Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 10:00:46 +0930

The question I have now is what metal is safe to use in an aquarium?
Currently I have a piece of tin foil hanging in the water which is connected
to a piece of copper wire (thats on the emmersed section). I have contacted
the aquarium shop trying to locate a grounding probe but they told me that
they cant get them and if they could they would cost around the Aus $75.00
mark. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

I don't know the exchange rate for Aus, but US $10-$15 gets you a titanium
ground from Sandpoint. It uses 12" inch titanium for water contact, 3 ft copper to

I believe there are a few made of 400 grade Stainless, watch out for the 300
grades, they will rust. (A magnet will tell you if it is 300)

I'm not a welder, but I _think_ there are Stainless MIG/TIG rods that could
be used for the wet portion of the ground. Anyone know for sure?

Jon Wilson
jwilson at mnw_net