Regarding New Setup

Gail, a powerhead is a small hobby pump designed to pull water through it and
redirect it out though a nozzle.  You should be able to find one in your
local aquarium store.  They will do the same thing as the airstone and pump,
but will not cause the bubbling effect.  The powerhead will fit directly on
to the riser tubes on your undergravel filter, they will also draw more
current through the gravel (in theory, increasing the effectiveness of the
UGF)  Powerheads are also a good way to inject the CO2 into the water.  Most
powerheads have a venturi feature that usually allows the powerhead to inject
air bubbles into the water, instead hook up you CO2 generator to the venturi
feature.  Also, just as a reminder, do not ever turn off your UGF, unless you
plan on removing it.

     - Keith     BreedOFish at aol_com