Re:New set up

Thanks Greg for answering my questions:

>Why are you using an air pump? Is it separate from your UGF or driving it?
>Why do you switch it off at night?

The air pump is driving the UGF.  I was confused.  I am now switching the
air/UGF  off altogether.  The plants seem to be making plenty of O2 (I can
see lots of little bubbles during the day streaming out from the leaves)
and the fish seem to be healthy and not gasping in the morning so that is
probably OK.  But that means there is no circulation of water.  Is this a
problem?  How can I get the water circulating if I don't use the UGF.  I
have read that UGFs stir up the water too much and cause most of the CO2 to
be dissapted too quickly.  Also that they are not all that healthy for the
plants, and disturb the roots.
>I do suggest you make some kind of reactor for the CO2 so more of it

Ok - I read about making a reactor - I'll do that
>No but you should check on its effect on the pH of the tank. Adding CO2
>usually lowers pH in the water and I'd want to know by how much because pH
>swings can be stressful to fish and (less so) plants.
>>Is there any problem with my four gouramis and angel standing in the corner
>>and sucking on the C02 bubble

The reactor should stop that behaviour....and I'll pick up at Ph tester
kit.  Is a nitrate kit necessary?  What does it measure - and how do you
correct high/low nitrates.

The plants seem to look healthier already.