Requirements for Anubias species

Hello everyone, I am currently setting up a breeding tank for Kribs and have
decided to create a African River enviroment.  I will use 'root' wood, rocks
and Anubias species to create the setting in a 20L (30X12X12).  Currently I
only have Anubias nana, but plan to include more varieties later.  What are
the requirements for these plants (lighting, nutrients, minerals, substrate,
etc.)?  I will have a 30" Twin light strip over the tank, which will total
40w (one Triton, one Coralife 6500K FL).  I will also use CO2 injections.
 The only inhabitants will be the male and female Krib, with maybe a clown
pleco or an otto.  The sole plant species will be the Anubias (various
varieties) with no other type of plant present.  Any suggestions or help with
the plant requirements would be helpful.  Thank you.

     - Keith    Breedofish at aol_com