Admin re: catalog requests

I'm sorry to bother the entire list with this but mailing people 
individually isn't working to nip this in the bud so . . .

Do NOT send requests for the catalog that was (inappropriately) offered 
here to the list.  This is NOT a "publication" of the APD.  

In this same vein, when an individual offers plants or aquatic gardening 
related goodies to the list at large, the appropriate (and productive) 
response is to mail that individual directly, NOT reply to the list at large.

ObAquatic-Plants:  Saw Madagascar Lace Plants in a local pet store for 
the first time ever; to date, I had only seen photographs of them.  Still 
pondering their addition to one of my tanks.  Do they require the same 
sort of resting period as many other Aponogetons?