Re: New Setup

>looking fairly sick, I bought a new double light, and two new fluro gro
>tubes 36 w each.   After searching the FAQs again I also bought more
>gravel, some new tubing and fittings and set up a CO2 bottle which is now
>trickling CO2 into one corner thru'  an airstone.   I switched off the air
>pump during the day to stop the CO2 dissapating straight into the air.
>However, at night I switch it back on.
>How long should it be before I see a change in the existing plants?

You've taken the first steps. Assuming everything else is all right but not
knowing what kinds of plants you have, you might see changes within two

Why are you using an air pump? Is it separate from your UGF or driving it?
Why do you switch it off at night?

I do suggest you make some kind of reactor for the CO2 so more of it
dissolves into the water for your plants. You can find some simple plans in
the FAQs.

>I have an underground filter.  Is it enough to switch it off during the
>day, or should I disconnect it altogether and try something different?  Any
>suggestions what?

Many folks grow plants well with a UGF. Why are you switching things on and off?

>I know nothing about adding iron.  Would an aquarium carry it or would I
>have to purchase it from a general nursery?

Buy some aquatic plant fertilizer from a fish store. The Dupla-regimen has
been mentioned. Or Kent. Or Flourish by Seachem. Read the label and you'll
find they supply iron and other trace elements.

>Is there any need to measure the amount of air being emitted by the
>yeast/sugar mixture?

No but you should check on its effect on the pH of the tank. Adding CO2
usually lowers pH in the water and I'd want to know by how much because pH
swings can be stressful to fish and (less so) plants.

>Is there any problem with my four gouramis and angel standing in the corner
>and sucking on the C02 bubbles (they remind me of a group at a party
>sucking on a joint :-))

Well, they could die.

>I have never bought any kits to measure Ph or nitrates, but I am sick of
>these dying plants, I want to get serious now.  Do you think I should buy a
>couple of kits?

I don't know about you but I keep these kits around for my fish too.

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