Re: Source for Plants and Chelated PMDD Mix

 Paul Rothel wrote:

>Can anyone tell me a good mail order sorce for Aquarium
>plants.  The pet shops in my area just don't have much of a

Try Delaware Aquatic Imports,
18 Anderson RD.
Newark, DE.  19713

Be prepared for frustration as the owner, Mike T., has a "real" job also, 
and getting hold of him can sometimes be a trying experience but IMO worth 
the wait.  The plants I got from him were very good quality.

>Also last month  I asked if anyone could tell me where to 
>get the ingredients for PMDD's. 


Miller Chemical & fertilizer Co.
Hanover, PA

Composition:  Iron-4%; Magnesium-5.4%; Boron-0.5%; Cobalt-0.05%; 
Copper-1.5%; Manganese-4%; Molybdenum-0.1%; Zinc-1.5%.

I use it in my PMDD concoction and it works well.  They have distributors 
across the country.

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