Sorce for plants & Chelated trace element mix

Can anyone tell me a good mail order sorce for Aquarium
plants.  The pet shops in my area just don't have much of a

Also last month  I asked if anyone could tell me where to 
get the ingredients for PMDD's.  I got several replies 
telling me to just look up hydroponics in the yellow pages and
just call them.  Well, I wish it were that easy.  First of 
all, I don't have any hydroponics listed in my yellow pages.
I have also checked some of the phone books from larger 
cities in surrounding areas and am still not having any luck.
I did find a mail order sorce that carries the potassium 
sulfate and the potassium nitrate.  It is ECO ENTERPRISES in
Seattle, Wa.  But I,m still at a loss for the Chelated Trace
element Mix. Can anyone give me the trade name or the
manufacturies name of this mix.  Or any other information
I could get on this would be helpful.

I have also checked garden supply stores in my area and 
surronding areas and have come up with nothing.

Thanks for the help I have already gotten from you people
in the past.

Paul in Ohio  (go Indians)