Re: Activated Charcoal

> From: Bob Hoffman <bhoffman at deltanet_com>
> I think with routine partial water changes the need for carbon is 
> eliminated and the build up of any toxic or other harmful substances are 
> unlikely to occur as well.

I tend to agree with you Bob. I've recently added Bettas in my two tanks
and feeding them frozen brine shrimp and small bits of fish (left over
from my dinner :) I notice larger accumulations of the floating scuz
and increased algae growth which I attribute to a build up in phosphates.
Ok, I've been lazy with my water changes so last night I fixed that but
I have to think we need more frequent water changes in plant tanks
without charcoal filtration when feeding heavily esp. carniverous fishes.
A 50% water change every two weeks is probably enough but more often
would also be good. I use the python to adjust hot & cold water mix
to within a couple of degrees of desired tank temp. This seems to work