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From: Williams, Rochelle - DCSPIM
To: John Kuo
Subject: Re:  Developing aquarium hobbyist software
Date: Thursday, May 09, 1996 8:10AM

Concerning what aquatic plant keepers would like -

This list has discussed over and over how no one aquatic plant book has 
enough pictures and descriptions of species and varieties.  A CD-ROM 
database with pictures, correct pronunciation, and details on keeping would 
peak my interest.  By details, I don't mean pH=this, temp=that...plants can 
be kept in a range of water parameters.  Some need higher salt content, 
others need flowing water, etc.

I have a gardening program called Landscape Designer that I use only for the 
plant database.  The database is from White Flower Farms catalog, but the 
range of information, pictures and SEARCH CAPABILITIES was worth the price 
of the CD alone.  If I found an aquatic plant program similar to this with 
around a 1000 entries, I'd snatch it up.  Aquatic plant books normally have 
around 125-250 entries.

Other ideas include a database of DIY aquarium products with diagrams and 
building instructions.  However, with a little searching almost every DIY 
project is located on the web for free.

Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil