CO2 systems and Halogen lighting

Subject: CO2 Needle Valves

Steve Benz wrote:

>   A word about connections:  First, don't use "Teflon Tape" for 
> connections. 

What's wrong with using teflon tape?  I've been using it for 
several years with no problems and gas-tight seals that I can undo 
easily (with a wrench) when the time comes.


Subject: Halogen Torchier Lamp For Plants?

John Lobingier wrote:

> I was talking to a person on the net and they told me that they 
> halogen torchier lamp with adjustable brightness to light their 
> dismantled the lamp they bought, and then hung like a pendant li
> thought it may be a very good idea.  Is it?  Is halogen a effect
> for plants?  It would be very bright!  A possible cheap substitu
> haldide?  

Several problems.  These lights are strongest (by far) in the 
yellow part of the spectrum, an area least used by aquatic plants. 
 They produce a lot more heat than they do light, and they are 
expensive to run.  Other than that, they're just great ;-)

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA