Rotala leaves

Subject: Rotala Leaves

> I bought some rotala cuttings a couple of weeks ago.  It a beaut
> plant and I love it, but something strange is happening.
> The plant had small roundish leaves when I got it.  It still has
> same leaves, but the new leaves (which are many) that have grown
> plant has grown since I've had it are long, slender leaves - not
> the leaves that were grown on it already.
> Can anybody tell me why this is happening?  I really like the or
> leaves a little better and the plant looks funny with the two di
> kinds.  (Yes, the whole plant is under water.)

Like many aquarium plants, your Rotala was emerse grown.  The very 
round leaves are grown above the water level.  Leaves grown 
submerged take on the pointier look you are seeing now.  It's 
still a lovely plant, enjoy it for wat it is.  If you want a plant 
who's leaves will remain round under water, try Bacopa 

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA