Re: Halogen question.


>I was talking to a person on the net and they told me that they use a
>halogen torchier lamp with adjustable brightness to light their tank.  They
>dismantled the lamp they bought, and then hung like a pendant light.  I
>thought it may be a very good idea.  Is it?  Is halogen a effective light
>for plants?  It would be very bright!  A possible cheap substitute for metal

Halogen lights are a very inefficient energy source.  Though they seem like
a great deal (only about $20 for everything), the amount of light they put
is small compared to the wattage they consume.  I remember someone saying
that a 500W halogen wasn't even equal to a 175 W MH.  You'll pay in the long
run with higher electricity bills.  Also, the spectra that most halogen are
available in are not too pleasing to the eye, IMHO.  You would be better off
using a 4 bulb T8 flourescent ballast with 4 of the daylight bulbs.
Probably get as much light for only 128 W and the whole thing will only cost
about $60-$70.