Re: White stuff from yeast CO2 injector

Stephen.Pushak at saudan_HAC.COM wrote:
> I'm feeding the supply line from my yeast CO2 bottles into
> the aeration venturi on the outlet of my powerheads. This
> works fine for dissolving CO2 but there is a problem
> with the venturi or the supply line itself getting plugged
> with a white fungus-like growth. K.B. Koh first mentioned
> this a long time ago. I don't know if he ever solved it.

A simple DIY bubble counter between the yeast CO2 generator
and the CO2 reactor may eliminate your problem. (i.e. you can
let the CO2 bubble through some water and trap the fungus-like
things there.)

Mine is something like the figure below, made of a little jam
jar holding 50-100ml of water.
I actually made 2 holes in the cap, and fixed plastic airline
joint for each inlet and outlet, then connected a short plastic
pipe to the inlet inside the jar.  It was a 5 minute DIY work.

              IN   OUT
          |   ||        |
          |   ||        |
          |   |/        |

When I set up my second yeast CO2 system, I ommitted the bubble
counter and got the white fungus-like growth.  It's gone by
adding one (and some cleaning of the tank), and hasn't come back
for more than a year.