Re: 96 watt CF's

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>Now, can anyone tell me where in the dickens I can get the BALLASTS for the
>96 watt CFs? Grainger carries the bulbs, but not the ballasts. To be blunt,
>the folks who advertise them in the fish magazines are making a killing on
>the "value added" price increase from normal distribution circles. I have
>nothing against profits, but gosh, guys, some of us don't find Tunze and
>Dupla stuff reachable!! (we have people to feed, besides our fish!) :-)

   I've talked with a Phillips rep and he had no idea what a 96w CF was.
 Needles to say I didn't find a ballast either.  Graingers sells ballasts for
the smaller biax CF bulbs (40w & 50w).  I have a couple if ideas.  You might
be able to combine the outputs of a two bulb ballast to get the required
output, but I do not know whether this is possible or safe.  Perhaps some of
the more electrically oriented could respond.  Another possibly is to use a
ballast for a 96w T8 bulb.  I don't know what the bulb resistance is on a CF,
but if it is reasonably close to a T8, it should work. Another possibly is a
HO sign ballast.  These are designed for varying bulb lengths, and varying
wattages respectively.  But I don't know whether the ballast can handle the
lower bulb resistance, or whether the bulb can handle the output from the
   I do not recommend any of the options until someone with more knowledge of
the electronics of the ballasts can respond either positive or negative.
 These are simply ideas as to what MAY work.  And besides, have you found a
source for the sockets for these bulbs?  I was contemplating using these
bulbs in a hood for my tank but they simply were not supported well enough to

Pete Datcuk