Re: A. madagascariensis var fenestralis seedlings

Eng Chuah <sunfish at b022_aone.net.au> wrote May 5:

>Could anyone 'identify' this plant please?
>1. Mature leaves 150mm wide and 300mm long
>2. Tip is blunt {almost straight across}
> 3.Flower is twin-spike,white with pale yellow tip
>Any 'suggestions' as to bringing up the seedlings? {assuming they are
>So far all I have established is that it prefers temp<25oC.It has divided
>at the
>rhizome but I have not split the daughter {person?} plant {just gutless!}.

It sounds as though you have var. fenestralis or henkelianus.  The latter
variety has much more uneven "lacework" in the leaves than the former.  I
have had experience with var. fenestralis.  It is self-fertile, and I have
grown seedlings  to a good size in a tray of silica sand with some mud
mixed in. The mud is made from ordinary topsoil by mixing with water and
filtering out the roots, pebbles, etc. with a screen.  They like good
light, CO2 and soluble iron additions, room (meaning they shouldn't be in
tank crowded with plants), and a few small companion plants that grow roots
down near the lace plant roots.  For companion plants, anything small that
doesn't shade out the lace plants is good.

Good luck!

Paul Krombholz                  Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS  39174
  In already humid Mississippi