Re: SAE and high temps

I am also keeping SAE in a discus tank. The temp. is usually 28 degrees
celsius (82 F), but I have raised it to 31 (88 F) degrees for several
days without any signs of discomfort by the SAEs (to my suprise, it
didn't harm the plants either).
However, my SAEs are left-overs from my pre-discus time and I would not
recommend them for a discus tank. They leave the discus alone usually,
but they are very active swimmers and if you have very shy discus it
will probably make them nervous. Another point is that discus are
usually fed a lot more than other fish and they are slow eaters. My SAE
are not eating algae any more since they discovered the variety of the
discus food. I have the fattest bunch of SAEs that I have ever seen. 
Bristle nose ancistrus are keeping my tank algae-free.


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