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Take a good look at your latest catalog.  Do your products jump off of 
the page?  Are they clean and sharp with plenty of detail?  Would you 
make a purchase based on the photographs in your current catalog?  If you 
could improve the quality and lower the cost, would you be interested in 
making a change?  
Using the latest in digital technology, and over 15 years of color 
separation and photographic experience, I can reduce the cost of your 
product photography and color separations while improving your overall 
quality!  I can also reduce the amount of time from the photo session to 
the approved proof.  The final cost per photograph, color sereration and 
color proof will never be over $100!  Compare that with what you’re 
currently paying. 
Using a Leaf digital camera back, Hasselblad camera equipment and some 
really fast Macs, I can supply quality files in your favorite format, 
ready to drop into your Quark document.     
Is "no hassle" photography, retouching and color separations at a great 
price what you’re looking for?  Give me a call at (310) 804-2717 or 
e-mail me at aimerito at ptconnect_infi.net.
Good color does not have to be expensive or difficult!