Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #49

>From: Miles Morrissey <mmmorris at smith_edu>
>Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 17:11:35 -0400
>Subject: Red algae bloom/pond
>My in laws have a pond in New Hampshire which is probably
>}fifty feet across and eight feet deep in places.  It is
>full of crawfish and salamanders and 6 18" koi.  This pond
>is fed by a 2" pvc pipe from a near by stream and overflows
>back into this stream.  This spring they are having a
>problem with a red colored haze in the pond, which I assume
>is some form of algae.  Now because I have some success with
>aquarium plants they want me to tell them what to do. If I had an
>If I had an algae bloom in my tank I'd do a water change,
>decrease the light intensity maybe, add more plants.  This
>obviously doesn't work in a pond this size. Suggestions??
About 3 to 5 months ago I saw an article about ponds either in FAMA
(Freshwater and Marine Aquarium) or AFM (Aquarium Fish Magazine) that
advocated building a 'mini-marsh' with lots of emergent aquatics next to a
pond and circulating the pond water through it.  The author claimed that
this system would clear the algae and give the pond very clear water.  It
sounds believable.

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