Re: SAEs and high temps

Rochelle Williams asked....
>Liisa's and Neal's articles on algea eating fish gave the SAE temp range in 
>the mid 70sF.  Does anyone have experience with SAEs at higher temperatures? 
> I have a discus community tank with LOTS of red algae.  The normal temp in 
>the tank is 85-86F.  Thanks to the descriptions and drawings, I found SAEs 
>in Atlanta, Georgia, marked as "Flying Fox" but they're the real thing. 

Mine have been in a tank at 86F for two weeks now and appear to be
alright. Don't know about long term though. Given a choice of keeping
them at 75F or 80F, I'd chose the latter. They feed better, are more
active and appear healthier.

and Jack O'Leary asked.....
>BTW, has anyone noticed that SAEs seed unwilling to eat OLD brush algae?
>That is, they keep any new stuff from appearing but haven't eaten any off
>of plants transplanted to the tank that they are in.  Odd.

The two that I have seem to prefer new beard algae growth to old.

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