Re: Hair algae

>>But my Java Ferns were struck with
>>a hairlike, very dark-colored algae (that matches the description of
>>"Bearded Algae" that I've read in books) that even my vacuum-cleaner
>>otocincli wouldn't touch.

> Dan, I have had this happen to one of my tanks.  CUT those leaves off
> immediately.  I waited and it took over an entire 55 gallon tank, not a
> pretty sight.  Supposedly, SAE's will eat the stuff, but SAE are hard to
> find (that's what I was waiting for, while the algae destroyed my tank).
If you can't find SAE's locally I know that Ned Bowers has a lot in stock 
right now (about $5 each) and is willing to ship via UPS.  Phone 1-508-533-5969
(Millis, MA).  Not sure if the other place (Albany Aquarium) is still willing
to ship them.  Just informational; not a commercial message.

BTW, has anyone noticed that SAEs seed unwilling to eat OLD brush algae?
That is, they keep any new stuff from appearing but haven't eaten any off
of plants transplanted to the tank that they are in.  Odd.
- Jack O'Leary

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