VHO Efficiencies

Greg Tong wrote:

>{snip discussion on efficiencies of VHO v T8's}

>Yes. And there's no comparison. T8s win hands-down. The efficacy of VHO
>lamps (lumens per watt) is comparable to incandescent lamps. They're not
>energy "efficient" at all.

I don't see that.  The Grainger catalog shows incandescents (Phillips 100 
watt, "soft-lite") at 17 lumens/watt, VHO's (60", 4100 dK) at 66, and T8's 
(60", 4100 dK) at 95.

Clearly, the VHO's are not as good as the T8's but these data show them 
superior to incandescents.  

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