Scared by Dionigi / IceCap Ballasts

I switched from 4-standard 40 watt 48" bulbs to 2-110 watt VHO's using the 

IceCap ballast.  I found the VHO bulbs felt the same or cooler than the 
standard bulb did.  Although this is subjective, it seems that the 2-110 
watt VHO bulbs put out about 50% or less heat than the 4 bulbs they 
replaced.  Also, the IceCap ballast is cool to touch while the ones it 
replaced were hot, and it does not have the annoying hum.

Dionigi doesn't scare me <g>, the VHO bulb is still pretty hot to touch.

Doug Skokna, in warm, cloudy  Houston, TX.
The playoffs have begun:  Rockets 3 - Lakers 1.
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