Fertilizer sticks

Hey all,
        I would almost lay odds that this question has been asked before but
I am going to ask anyway.  Has anyone ever used the Jobs houseplant
fertilizer sticks in their aquarium?  If so what were the result and how
long did they last?  If no one has used these why not?  Is there something I
should know?  I am relatively new to the aquatic plants game at this point
in time but am enjoying it none the less.  
        As of now my main "plant" tank is a 55 gal with built in filter, yes
we keep fish in it also.  It contains multiple Amazon swords, some Jave
Moss, some dwarf sag, and some crypto.  Along with 1 large, 2 med and 2
small Angel fish, a redtailed black shark multiple ottos, a pictus cat and a
small school of spawning Zebra danios.  Over the weekend, I was gone and the
algae arrived.  I am not very well acquainted with the different algae type,
I haven't had enough problems to worry about them until now.  The main one
is bright green and is almost like a fish scale, very hard to get off the
walls of the tank.  The next is a stringy brownish one that I can not pull
off some of the plants for fear of tearing the plant.  The last one is kinda
brown and just makes the walls look extremely filthy.  the tank has been up
for about 7 or 8 weeks.  The lighting was 2 48" 50/50 Corallife
actinic/daylight bulbs, I am now running one of the coralifes with a 48" GE
plant/aquarium tube.  I have 2 more sets of end caps coming, I already have
the ballast and am planning on 2 more bulbs, possibly a full actinic I have
shoved in the closet and one of the twisted vita-lifes.  Substrate is your
basic aquarium gravel, natural colored normal size you find at wal-mart
(about 1/2 the size of the tip of my pinky?).  There is no CO2 injection
jet, I am working on a yeast reactor for it, how big of one/how many should
I have?  I got the PMDD file today and am going to do some checking on where
to get the mix sometime soon.  None of the plants are thriving some just
barely seem to be surviving.  2 weeks ago my lights went out for up to 4
days, we were outta town when that happend, and nothing seems to be the same
        Any suggestions/comment you have that might help would be
appreciated.  Thanks
Shawn Knell
ksschafer at ucdavis_edu