Helical FL same as Compact FL?

I saw some strange fluorescent devices at the hydroponics store
the other day: self-ballasted helical coil fluorescent which
screws into a normal 120v incandescent light socket. The whole
assembly includes a nice reflector and I recall there were
about 3 to 5 coils with a vertical axis (looks like a small
car coil spring). The packaging described it thusly: "80 watts
of lighting for 20 watts of power" Interesting claim. Has
anyone seen these things and are they any good? Since they
are relatively small, you could use several of them to
achieve fairly high light intensity without the hassle of
a cumbersome hood; hang 'em from chains and just hook them
up out of the way when you need in the tank. Sort of like
mini pendants!

Are these what you refer to as "compact fluorescents"?