Regarding Java Ferns and Breaded Algae

Dan Simon wrote:

>>But my Java Ferns were struck with
>>a hairlike, very dark-colored algae (that matches the description of
>>"Bearded Algae" that I've read in books) that even my vacuum-cleaner
>>otocincli wouldn't touch.

Dan, I have had this happen to one of my tanks.  CUT those leaves off
immediately.  I waited and it took over an entire 55 gallon tank, not a
pretty sight.  Supposedly, SAE's will eat the stuff, but SAE are hard to find
(that's what I was waiting for, while the algae destroyed my tank).  You
could try a 2-3 minute 5% bleach solution bath (I did, worked for a while,
but then there were too many plants as time went on).  Best solution, remove
that plant and hope nothing else gets it.  As I sit here typing, I wonder if
a temporary use of a UV sterilizer would eliminate the algae spores, maybe
some one else might have some insight into this.  Hope everything works out.

     - Keith  breedofish at aol_com