Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #42, Compact Fluorescents

13 Watt CFs are available "mail order" from Mail Order Pet shop. I got a
7,000K deep blue, and two 5,600K (or there abouts, I am posting from memory)
"true daylights" there, and they also sell a deep red one. (For all of those
catfish nuts who want to watch their treasures do their night things! ( :-)
I have a daylight installed on an antique MetaFrame five gallon with the
original stainless steel hoods, using a screw-in CF ballast. It works great!

Now, can anyone tell me where in the dickens I can get the BALLASTS for the
96 watt CFs? Grainger carries the bulbs, but not the ballasts. To be blunt,
the folks who advertise them in the fish magazines are making a killing on
the "value added" price increase from normal distribution circles. I have
nothing against profits, but gosh, guys, some of us don't find Tunze and
Dupla stuff reachable!! (we have people to feed, besides our fish!) :-)