Fluorescent ballasts

For all you DIYers, I discovered something reading a Grainger catalog, and
thought you might be interested. Sign ballasts are designed to operate
multiple HO bulbs and may be less expensive than the fancy ballasts sold for
aquarium use. They are rated by the number of feet of bulbs, and they are
available in a range from 4-12 feet for the smallest to 24-48 feet for the
largest. The smallest will operate 1 or 2 bulbs and the largest will operate
from 4-6 bulbs. A 48" HO bulb is 60watts and a 60" HO bulb is 75 watts. I
have two sign ballasts that will operate a range of 12 to 20 feet of 1-4
bulbs for a range of 180 Watts (4-3ft lamps) to 300 Watts (4-5ft lamps). The
bulbs are available in many different color temperatures and CRI ratings
suitable for aquatic plants. Hope someone  can make use of this information. 

From sunny San Diego county where the temperatures are running in the 80's
and 90's.

PacNeil at aol_com[Neil Schneider]