Re: Nematodes

Paul Bucciaglia <paul-b at biosci_cbs.umn.edu> said, Sat. Apr. 27:

>Severe nematode infections on terrestrial plants can be seen as roots
>that end in swollen, almost club shaped tips.  I have seen these symptoms
>only on plants (tomatoes) that were puprosely infected in the lab, but have
>not obsevered them elsewhere and not in my  aquariums.  I agree with Paul
>Krombholtz that it is unlikely that terrestrial parasites (specialized
>for particular host species) could be a problem in aquatic plants, but i
>suppose it can't be ruled out, especially if the soil is removed from a
>wet area.

Thanks for agreeing with me.  I have never heard of nematodes being a
problem for aquatic plants, and I have never had any troubles with them as
far as I know in the 30 years or so I have been growing aquatic plants.
Even though a nematode infection in aquatic plants aquired from terrestrial
soil can't be totally ruled out, I wouldn't worry about it happening.
Concerns about nematodes should not keep anyone from using terrestrial
soils in aquariums.  I made a comment about a little knowledge being a
dangerous thing when the concern about nematodes first surfaced.  I was
concerned that lots of people might not use soil or might waste lots of
time sterilizing it because of a fear of nematodes which is unfounded on
any actual experiences.

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