Fw: V2 #31 DUPLA cable

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Please bear in mind that the cables do not require 24vac unless there is a need 
for Maximum Heating Speed.
I use a multi-tapped Mains Transformer {24v,18v,15v,12v} with a 24hr timer to 
maintain temperature and Gravel Circulation.As an example;a 6' tank was 
stripped after 4yrs with little anaerobic conditions of note(gravel was up to 6" in 

A hassle I have with UGC's is that the roots of the more "aggressive" plants tend 
to wrap around the cable making the removal of the plant a nuisance.I am about 
to experiment with placing a polycarbonate sheet from edge to edge above the 
cable + clean 4mm gravel.

Has anyone tried this yet?

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