I have  a 30 gal with goldfish, an algae eater,  and some guppies , as well as some live plants which have been up til 
recently flourishing in this envirionment. I never turn off the flourescent light and occasionally add aquarium starter to 
the water to keep ammonia levels stable. I also do not use a test kit.  Recently my plants, which are trailng bouquets of 
small bunched leaves and which have grown fully through the aquarium and bloomed small white flowers at the tops, 
(sorry i can't i.d.) , have begun to  gradually turn brown from the tops down and seem to be dying. They were doing 
perfectly well since the beginning of the year and now seem to be failing despite my not having changed anything about 
my routine.  Please suggest some possibilities for this problem and some troubleshooting tips for aquarim plants. I would 
like to be put on the mailing list. Thank you for any help you may offer.