Dorothy Reimer's low-tech tanks

I've been looking through all the materials I've compiled from
the APD and e-mail correspondence in the last 1.5 years to consolidate
the materials on substrates and secondarily nutrients. (believe me,
there's a TON) I came across an article by Karen about Jun 15, 95
where she mentioned Dorothy's tanks which get excellent results without
special additives. I believe it was said that she doesn't use any
nutrient additives and possibly no CO2 and with relatively low lighting
levels. I also understand from comments (I'm using the imperfect
human memory archive ;-) by Neil Frank that Dorothy is a great believer
in using ordinary soil. Could either of you AGA members forward me
any electronic copies describing Dorothy's methods and results or share
observations with us here on the APD? Thank you! Perhaps you might
be interested in a short article for TAG in exchange. Of course
credit to be given to those whose ideas and information have been
contributed etc. etc.

Next question: has anyone ever had a problem with nematodes (or other
unwelcome critters) or aware of someone who had a problem and the
circumstances which lead to it. Specifically I'm looking for any
instances of unwanted critters being introduced into the aquarium
with soil or plants with soil on the roots. (excluding ich & algae)

Steve  (5:30 am, why AM I awake now??!)