Re: PMDD Ingredient location

Paul Rothel asks....
>Can any one offer some advise in locating the indredients 
>for PMDDs.  From everything I have read about it I assumed
>they would be easily to find.  However, they are not, at 
>least in my area.  I have went to, or called every garden
>shop and flower shop in my area and cannot find potassium
>sulfate or potassium nitrate.  I did find the Chelated Trace 
>Element Mix but only in liquid form. and the mixture was not
>quit to same.  It was Fe 6%,  Mg .50%,  S 3.90%,  B .02%
>Cu .25%,  Mn .25%  and Zn .50%.  Would this still work?

Although it will probably be OK, don't bother with the liquid.
Where do you live? Look up hydroponics in the phone directory.
Give those shops a call. They will have what you want. Powders
are cheaper and you want the flexability to adjust your feed.

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