[Fwd: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #27]

Hi to all,
>Mick Nally <mick at roch-inst_co.uk> wrote:

> But I also see a major drawback: as it is a floating plant, the
> light-levels will drop rather hard, and I am already low on light (I 
> use 40 watt), so I wonder if the duckweed will be spreading to the 
> whole tank, or if you can limit it to stay on the right hand side of 
> the tank. Are there any experiences concerning the light levels?
> I find it pretty useful if you keep it thinned out...it will cut down on 
the light levels but as I say keep it thinned. Goldfish love it so if you 
have any throw the excess in their direction. 

Another problem that you'll have is with your power filter, assuming you 
have one.  The duck weed will get mixed throughout the water by the 
turbulence created by your filter.  You can solve this problem as well as 
containing the duck weed in one end of your tank, if you place a piece of 
Styroform, cut to the exact width of your aquarium, on the surface of the 
water so that it divides the tanks surface into two separate areas, one 
where your duckweed and other floating plants can be safely contained and 
the other where the water from the power filter is returned.  

Be sure to make the Styrofoam wide enough so that it won't turn sideways 
and keep it loose enough to float up and down with the water level.  
You'll appreciate that when you do those regular water changes!  

Good luck...